Measure C

Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2008


Members Present:  Jay Bedecarre, Rick Callaway, Peter Chrobak, Judy Dawson, John Ferrante, Pat Howlett, John Parker, Tina Segrove, Tricia Tamura-Li, Marc Willis, Larry Wirick


Members Absent:  A. J. Fardella (exc.), Melanie Miller, Mark Ramsey (exc.), Clint Tubbs (exc.)


Board Representative:  Linda Mayo


District Staff:  Dick Nicoll, Pete Pedersen, Rosemarie Scrosati


Vanir Staff:  Mitchell Stark


Chairman, John Ferrante called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


There was no public comment.


Motion was made and passed to approve the minutes from the December 6, 2007 meeting as written.


Mitchell Stark reviewed the quarterly report.  He shared separate spread sheets which detail the  DSA closeout and notice of completion by site.  To summarize, Groups One through 4 projects are completed with Notice of Completion filed with the County.  The majority of Group 5 projects should have Notice of Completion by late April.  The projects are tracking on budget for Groups one through five.  The program is now funded at a level that exceeds projected expenses by $1.1 million.  These funds are available as a buffer for any unforeseen costs at the program completes its final year of construction.


John Ferrante asked for volunteers to serve on the nominating committee to select a chairman and vice chairman for next year.  Rick Callaway and John Parker offered to be on the committee with John.


John Ferrante shared that A. J. Fardella was unable to attend the committee meeting but that he is planning to present the Measure C annual report to the Board at the April 8, 2008 meeting.


Mark Ramsey emailed some questions regarding Measure C projects and they have been referred to Pete Pedersen for response.


It was discussed that the oversight committee would continue to meet until the last project is closed out so at least until December 2008.  It was discussed and agreed that the current committee members would remain serving on the committee until that time.


Since the projects are so close to completion, it was also discussed and agreed that the current chairman and vice chairman would remain in office.  Therefore, it was not necessary to have a nominating committee.


Motion made and passed for John Ferrante to continue to serve as Chairman, and Rick Callaway as Vice Chairman.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.