Measure C Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2009



Members Present:Jay Bedecarre, Peter Chrobak, Judy Dawson, John Ferrance, A. J. Fardella, Pat Howlett, John Parker, Tina Seagrove, Clint Tubbs, Mark Willis, Larry Wirick


Members Absent:Rick Callaway, Melanie Miller, Mark Ramsey, Tricia Tamura-Li


Staff:Pete Pedersen, Rosemarie Scrosati


Vanir:Gary Sparrow, Mitchell Stark


Chairman John Ferrante called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Under public comment, John Parker encouraged the committee to endorse Measure D, and distributed an informational flyer.


Motion was made and passed to accept the minutes of the December 4, 2008 meeting as amended.


Gary Sparrow reviewed the DSA close-out report.Gary reported that out of 54 projects, 50 are have been closed out.The remaining projects should be completed by spring.


Judy Dawson mentioned that she thought that Measure C funds were used for air-conditioning at the schools, yet, she had read in the board agenda that the air-conditioning was funded by Prop. 55.Pete explained that air-conditioning was listed on the ballot for Measure C but as a priority 2.All priority 1 projects were completed and funded by Measure C. The air-conditioning projects approved by the Board were completed and funded by Prop. 55.We have been including the report on the HVAC program to the Measure C committee.


Mitchell Stark reviewed the quarterly report.The current balance remaining is $2.9 million.


Pete Pedersen reported that College Park and Mt. Diablo High swimming pools need to be completely renovated.Prop. 55 funds, $2.8 million, will be used to fund the renovation.This will leave a balance in Prop. 55 of $2.5 million.He asked the committee to consider combining the remaining balance of Measure C funds ($2.9 million) with the Prop. 55 remaining balance ($2.5) which would add up to be $5.3 million that could be used to fund an additional HVAC project.Pete shared that he would like to discuss this proposition with the superintendentís council.


It was a consensus among the committee members that an informal recommendation be made to combine whatever Measure C funds remain with the remaining Prop.55 funds for a HVAC project.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.