Measure C Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2009



Members Present:  Peter Chrobak, John Ferrante, Pat Howlett, John Parker, Clint Tubbs, Mark Willis, Larry Wirick


Member Absent:  Judy Dawson (exc.), A. J. Fardella (exc.), Rick Callaway (exc.)


Staff:  Pete Pedersen, Mitchell Stark, Gary Sparrow, Rosemarie Scrosati


John Ferrante called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


There was no public comment.


Motion was made and passed to accept the minutes of the March 5, 2009 meeting as presented.


Mitchell Stark reviewed the quarterly report.   All Group One through Group Three projects have been closed out with certification.  All of Group 5 projects have been closed with certification with the following exceptions: path of travel issues scheduled for correction this summer at Gregory Gardens Elementary; and Valhalla and Pleasant Hill Elementary schools which were submitted to DSA for close out in May 2009. 


Pete Pedersen reported that the informal proposal from the committee to combine the remaining Measure C funds ($3.2 million) with the remaining Prop. 55 funds for the HVAC project did not meet with approval.  Pete presented a new recommendation for the committee to consider.  The bathrooms at three middles schools (Group 1):  Glenbrook, Oak Grove, and Riverview were modernized to meet ADA requirements but not fully upgraded.  For example:  new fixtures installed on old tile.  All other bathroom modernization projects included new tile on walls and floors.  Pete asked committee members to consider the possibility for equity sake of going back and re-doing these bathrooms to bring them to the same level as the other modernization projects.  Estimated cost for this renovation is $900,000.


Discussion followed and it was suggested that a sub-committee be formed to review the Group I and Group II projects and identify any projects that should be made equitable.  In addition, to identify a list of any other possible projects that could be accomplished utilizing the balance remaining.


Motion and made and seconded to form sub-committee.  John Parker, Marc Willis, and John Ferrante agreed to be on the sub-committee. Pat Howlett volunteered to participate if needed.  Mitchell Stark offered to work with the committee also.


Committee members requested that Pete Pedersen put together a list of projects that need to be updated with costs, as well as any other recommended projects.  When list is compiled, Pete will contact sub-committee to schedule a meeting.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.