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    On March 5, 2002, voters in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District communities overwhelmingly passed the Measure C bond election. Measure C allows the district to issue $250 million in General Obligation bonds to pay for projects to improve school buildings and grounds.


    “Measure C was a great success.  Projects promised were projects completed.  The District brought in over $100 million in State funds to our community’s local schools.  Projects were completed on time and under budget.”


    John Ferrante, Present Chair

    2002 Measure C Oversight Committee


    Quick facts about 2002 Measure C:


    ·         Each and every Priority 1 project identified in the Measure C project list was completed on time as promised to the electorate in 2002.

    ·         The Measure C program came in under budget closing with a positive balance of in excess of $3.3 million.

    ·         The District received approximately $112 million in State funding to help pay for classroom and school improvements thanks to the effective management of the Measure C program and MDUSD's participation in the State's Facility Program.

    ·         By law, the Measure C Independent Oversight Committee initiated annual performance audits of the Measure C Program. Each and every audit reported that, without exception, all District expenditures related to Measure C were sound and appropriately accounted for.

    ·         In his April 8, 2008 wrap-up report to the Board of Education, A.J. Fardella, past chair of the Measure C Oversight Committee, stated that "everything was managed perfectly and all projects completed."

    ·         All Measure C projects have been certified by the Department of the State Architect (DSA) and have been formally accepted and closed-out by the State.

    ·         The District’s Measure C bonds were rated A+by nationally recognized rating agency Standard and Poor’s.  All Measure C bonds were sold as AAA.

    ·         Tax rates from Measure C have consistently been below the $60.00 per $100,000 of assessed value rate estimated to voters in 2002:

    o   2009-10 rate:  $49.30                      

    o   2008-09 rate:  $45.50

    o   2007-08 rate:  $42.40

    o   2006-07 rate:  $44.60

    o   2005-06 rate:  $41.80

    o   2004-05 rate:  $41.10 



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    If you have questions regarding Measure C, please contact Pete Pedersen, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services