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 Internal Auditor

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Cash Receipts 

The student governing body must approve all activities where cash will be generated. These activities include ticket sales, ASB cards, annual sales, food sales, or other merchandise type sales or donations. Once governing body has approved such activity, the activity sponsor is responsible for collecting the money and turning it in to the student body bookkeeper daily. The activity sponsor should prepare the proper forms in order to prove the the cash is in balance with the receipts. The Report of Ticket Sales pdf documents the sales of tickets for activities such as athletic games, dances, and drama activities. The bookkeeper is responsible for depositing the cash collected as verified with the activity sponsor.

The following are guidelines for the proper internal control of cash receipts:
  • All receipt books and other forms must be pre-numbered and records maintained
  • All copies of voided receipts must be retained
  • Record the activity or individual to whom the receipts and receipt books are issued
  • Cash turned in must be identified with the numbered receipts acknoledging intial receipt of the monies
  • All cash must be recorded promptly when received and checks endorsed with the bank endorsement stamp
  • Details as to the number of items receipted and the unit price per item must be included in the receipt
  • Sales to individual students for annuals and student body cards must be documented with a receipt
  • Bank deposits should be made daily
  • Personal checks must not be cashed from student body funds
  • All money from student fund reaising activities must be turned in promptly
  • The cash over/short account must be properly used and the controls established by the school district observed