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 Student Achievement and School Support

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Department Contacts 

To Contact the Student Achievement and School Support (SASS) Department:

Name and Position email phone 
Rose Lock
Assistant Superintendent x4015
Bev Heppler
Administrative Assistant
SASS x4016
Bill Morones
Director of Secondary Support
Core Curriculum, Professional Development, Assessments, AP, Alternative Ed, Athletics  x4023
Michele McKimmie
Administrative Secretary II 
Elementary and Secondary School Support x4024
Carmen Garces
Administrator, EL & SED Student Support
EL Program, ELD x4003
Lorie O'Brien
Assistant Director of Categoricals and School Support
Categorical Programs, QEIA, Textbooks, Courses of Study, SPSA, SLIBG, Site Councils, Librarians, IMAs x4034
Jonathan Roselin
Administrator of Equity & Disproportionality
CEIS, SST Online x4011
Jeanne Alessandra Duarte
Director of English Learner Services
English Learner Programs, Assessment Center, Title III, EIA, World Languages x4026
Julianna Sikes
School Support Administrator
Visual & Performing Arts, PE, TK x4042
Marie Schirmer
School Support Administrator
Title I, Science, Health x4036
Doris Avalos (INT)
School Support Administrator
Lisa Bojé
School Support Administrator
School Improvement Grant, OARS, Math x4040
Chris Holleran
School Support Administrator
English Language Arts, Social Studies, WASC, Drivers Ed., CyberHigh x4450
Christine Richardson
School Support Administrator
English Language Arts, Social Studies x4044
Ann Tirrell
Program Specialist, Educational Technology
Technology, OARS, TILs x4043
Virginia Power
Senior Secretary (Lorie O'Brien, Julianna Sikes) 
Textbooks, QEIA, BTSA/PAR, PE, Library, VAPA, Courses of Study x4029
Marietta Cole
Senior Secretary (Marie Schirmer, Doris Avalos) 
Title I, Science, Health x4032
Marie Hill
Senior Secretary (Chris Holleran, Christine Richardson) 
English Language Arts, Social Studies x4033
Jocelyn Tibayan
Senior Secretary (Jeanne Duarte-Armas, Carmen Graces) 
EL Programs, World Languages x4027
Pam Filstrup
Senior Secretary (Lisa Bojé, Ann Tirrell)
SIG, Math, Technology x4022
Senior Secretary (Jonathan Roselin)
Equity & Disproportionality