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    Science Materials Center 

    All the following forms are Adobe .pdf files.
    Science Materials Center Forms
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    Kindergarten Science Materials List
    First Grade Science Materials List
    Second Grade Science Materials List
    Third Grade Science Materials List
    Fourth Grade Science Materials List
    Fifth Grade Science Materials List
    701::Day and Night
    705::Looking at Earth
    711::Air, Sun, and Water
    715::Air and Weather
    721::Pebbles, Sand, and Silt
    724::Rocks and Soil
    733::Solar System
    742::Earth Materials
    751::Earth's Oceans
    756::Exploring Space
    803::Animals Two by Two
    805::Living and Growing
    815::Living Things
    817::Living Things
    819::New Plants
    825::Life Around You
    835::Growing Things
    839::Relationships of Living Things
    845::Plants and Animals
    857::Human Body Systems
    911::Solids and Liquids
    915::Solids, Liquids, and Gas
    921::Balance and Motion
    933::Earthquakes and Volcanoes
    947::Magnetism and Electricity
    954::Properties of Matter