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Student Fees 


AB 1575 Frequently Asked Questions


1.       Can a school district solicit voluntary donations for classroom supplies, art supplies, and fieldtrips?


Yes.  AB 1575 and Education Code section 49011 do not prohibit solicitation of voluntary donations of funds or property for participating in fundraising activities.


2.       Can a school district impose a mandatory fee for lost or damaged books, locks and equipment?


Yes. A school district can charge families to replace damaged materials or equipment.


3.       Can a school district impose a mandatory fee for an item or activity that is integral to student education?


No.  A school district cannot impose a mandatory charge for an item or activity that is integral to student education.  Some examples of items and activities that have been deemed integral to the educational experience are:

a.       School sports teams, band, and cheerleading, including the uniforms and equipment necessary to participate in these activities.  Schools can impose a mandatory fee for competition in these activities that takes place at the state or national level;

b.      Outdoor education;

c.       Sports camps for student athletes when there is a cost and the attendance is a condition of participation, even if the camp is operated by a third-party; and

d.      Choir or color guard participation at the school level. (If there is participation at the state or national level, a school district may impose a mandatory fee for participation.)


4.       Can a school district require a student to attend a summer camp as a prerequisite for participation on a school team?


No.  A school district may encourage a student to participate in an off-site activity but not as a condition for their participation in the school activity during the academic year. For example, if your son or daughter plays a sport, the coach cannot require the student athletes to attend a sports camp in order to participate on the school team.


5.       My family does not own a computer/laptop/notebook/iPad.  Will my son or daughter’s grade be negatively impacted if he or she cannot complete academic assignments on such a device?


No.  If a school district requires students to use computers in order to complete school projects or gives extra credit to a student who completes a school project using any of the above-referenced devices, then it must make the devices available to students who don’t otherwise have access to them.  Also, please note that all public libraries offer computer usage free of charge.