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MDUSD assigns neighborhood elementary, middle, and high schools based on street address. To find out your schools of attendance, please enter your street address below.

Before using the School Finder, please read the following:

Dobrich Cir, Bay Point, 94568 (PUSD) may be serviced as a MDUSD street. Schools of attendance are Bel Air Elementary, Riverview Middle, and Mt. Diablo High.

MG/Wren Ave or

School of assignment is Wren Avenue or Westwood. Enrollment in Monte Gardens permitted subject to space available and acceptance of school philosophy.

Sequoia Elementary, and Sequoia Middle Schools are district-wide schools. Enrollment is permitted subject to space available and acceptance of school philosophy.

YVHS/CPHS* At the October 22nd, 2012 Board meeting, the Mt. Diablo Unified School District Board of Education voted to establish the Ygnacio Valley HS/College Park HS (“grey”) area, which is the Pleasant Hill Elementary attendance area, to be part of the College Park HS attendance area exclusively. Parents of students who reside in this area and wish their students to attend Ygnacio Valley HS must follow the normal procedures for intra-district transfers with the Student Services Department.
Choice (High School) Previous Clayton Valley High School Attendance Area When the high school is listed as "Choice (High School", after entering an address below, the student living on this street may attend a Mt. Diablo Unified high school of their choice. Parents should submit the School Option Form to the Student Services Department indicating their choice.

Please contact Research and Evaluation, at extension 4135 with any questions, corrections or additions of new streets.

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