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 Alternative Education

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CARES After School Programs 

The Mt. Diablo Collaborative for Academics, Recreation & Enrichment for Students (CARES) After School Program provides academic, recreational and enrichment activities for children and their families after traditional school hours. The staff is committed to ensuring that the after school children have safe environments, caring adult supervision and expanded learning experiences.

The CARES After School Program is a well established program with strong support from our community partners as well as from our school sites and administration. It is a unique collaborative between the Mt Diablo Unified School District, the Ambrose Park & Recreation District, City of Concord Recreation & Parks and Bay Area Community Resources, who all serve overlapping populations. CARES is a part of the state-wide initiative Nutrition Education Learning Leadership Community (NELLC) identifying exemplary practices in nutrition in After School Programs. Financially CARES is supported by over eighteen funding sources including grants from both state and city initiatives.

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