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MDUSD Teacher Induction 2018-2019 Calendar

August 2018

August 9- New Staff Orientation (all newly hired teachers)

August 13, 14, 15- All Teacher  In-Service Day

August 16- First Student Day


September 2018

Peer Coaches Contact New Teachers to Schedule First/Enrollment Meeting

September 28, 2018- Last day to enroll in MDUSD Teacher Induction Program


October 2018

October 26 - Last Day to Enroll in ECO MDUSD Teacher Induction Program 


January 2019

Mid Year Portfolio Review


April 2019

New TISP Peer Coach Application Deadline: Download the recommendation form here


May 2018

End Year Portfolio Review

Colloquium (required for all second year and ECO teachers)

Information about TISP