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Employees of the Month

Fun Facts about our Staff and why they love working for C.A.R.E.S.

Cindy Navarro, Lead Recreation Specialist

Sun Terrace Elementary 


1. Favorite food- Italian 

2. Hobby- Event Planning and DIY projects

3. How many years have you worked for CARES? 3 years 

4. Why do you like working with kids? They teach you something new everyday and I like making a difference in their lives.


Janelle Bicomong, Program Coordinator

Ygnacio Valley High School


1. Favorite food- Pasta 

2. Hobby- Being a mom

3. How many years have you worked for CARES? 7 years

4. Why do you like working with kids? I like working with kids because it feels good knowing that they know they have a safe place to come to after school and have fun. Its a great feeling when students tell me that they know that we do a lot for them because they know we care.

Harvest of the Month

Harvest of the Month for October are delicious Tomatoes! Tomatoes are delicious and packed with vitamin C and K. Tomatoes are a very versatile food, it can be eaten raw, in salsas, in soups, and salads. Down below you'll find a yummy recipe for Huevos Rancheros, a Mexican breakfast dish packed with yummy tomatoes. A perfect way to start any morning. 


Having fun with STEM

El Monte students were able to choose from four engineering and art stations in the MU. This included playdoh, K'Nex, drawing and a creation station where students could use their imagination to create something.

C.A.R.E.S. Home Page

Concord Police Department at Sun Terrace

Sun Terrace Elementary had a great service project for the month of October. They partnered up with Concord police Department to showcase what their daily day looks life. The Concord PD brought different divisions of the police department from their K-9 unit to their patrol unit. The students were super appreciative and made them thank you letters to show their gratitude. The leadership team made lifesavers with a note, "Thank you, to a lifesaver in blue.We appreciate your service!"


Friends of Camp Concord Golf tournament

This year CARES had the opportunity to host the 17th hole at the Friends of Camp Concord golf Tournament at Crow Canyon in Danville. Program Manager, Eric Rego host the 17th hole along with veteran staff Jeremy Macahilig, Karla Palomera, Laura Plascencia, and Nicole Prins. Eric and the staff had an awesome time sharing the students and their personal experience attending Camp Concord and how much joy it has brought to their lives. 


Our Program Profile


The Mt. Diablo CARES is a well-established program with strong support from our community partners as well as from our school site and administration. It is a unique collaborative between ...more

Schools We Serve

General Information

1266 San Carlos Avenue,  Suite A6

Concord, CA 94518

phone: (925) 691-0351

fax: (925) 691-1447

email: caresasp@mdusd.org


Administrator: Thywara Porter Portert@mdusd.org

Partnership with Royal King

CARES has recently partnered up with Rojelio Viramontes and his crew from Royal King to bring enrichment activities to the elementary and Middle school CARES programs. Royal King will be host three series of enrichment activities; Dance, Theatre and a fun interactive beat lab.In the beat lab students will learn to create their own music using I-pads, Theatre will allow the student to get silly with improv and in Dance students will be learning hip hop and ball room dancing. The students are loving all the activities! 


Basketball season is back!!

Elementary sports are back in season! October 18, 2017 was the first games and we're off to a great start. All students and staff were excited and very welcoming to the opposing team. Down below are pictures of the Wren Avenue and Sun Terrace. 


Wren Avenue cooking class

Job Opportunities

If you're interested in working for the Mt. Diablo CARES program please look below for the open positions; 


Recreation Specialist:


Program Leader: