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Capital Improvement Program

CAPITAL OUTLAY REQUESTS: New Format! Provides faster processing!

Capital Outlay improvement is defined as: Any change, alteration, rearrangement or addition to existing facilities. It is also new construction, acquisition or improvements to sites, buildings, or service systems.

Procedure for Initiating a Capital Outlay Work Request: Please follow all steps listed below.

Complete a Capital Outlay Work Request fillable form online (Capital Outlay Request form here). When requesting a capital improvement, please complete all fillable lines requested:

Include: Site,  Room No., Bldg. No. & Location on campus (if applicable). Provide/attach dimensional location sketches whenever possible (when requires placement of multiple items or unusual locale).

  • Provide and install six-seat swing set. See Office Manager for placement.
  • Install cabinets on west wall to right of sink, purchased by the Parents' Club.
  • Re-key former HVAC closet to match outer door key.
  • Purchase & Install  One (1) 12' x 4' white board - centered under clock.

Description of work requested: Be specific as to the materials/equipment wanted and who will provide them.

  1. Funding source: provide a complete budget code
  2. Electronically sign your name and date where it states Principal/Administrator Signature.
    • Save the form and email the completed Capital Outlay Work Request form to Janet Richardson at richardsonj2@mdusd.org. Upon receipt of the completed request, a project estimate will be developed for the request. This estimate will be based on either (1) a cost valuation using existing Maintenance staff or (2) quotations solicited from outside contractors. The Director of Maintenance will be solely responsible for determining the feasibility of, and method of, implementing any given capital improvement.
  3. Once the Capital Outlay has been estimated it will be returned to the site for approval.  The Capital Outlay can be accepted by electronically signing where it states Estimate Accepted: Principal/Administrator Signature. Save the form and email the accepted Capital Outlay form, with a copy of the budget transfer (if requested), to  Janet Richardson.

* If you wish to cancel a Capital Outlay Request please email Janet Richardson at richardsonj2@mdusd.org


For assistance on how to electronically sign or use the new format please call Jeff Lozano at ext. 3807 or

Janet Richardson at ext. 3804.


For any questions regarding the Capital Outlay Work Request procedure please contact the Acting Director of M&O, Rob Greathouse, at 925-825-7440, ext. 3827.

NOTE: All maintenance/corrective work detailed in fire marshal reports will be addressed under standard work request generated by the Maintenance Department. There is no need for site to complete work requests for such activities; however, any mandated compliance change, alteration or improvement which is prompted by a change in classroom/facility use (e.g., new circuitry required by fire marshal due to the addition or introduction of micro computers) is deemed a capital improvement, as such work is completely outside the scope of maintenance as defined in the California Education Code.
  • If capital outlay work is given to an outside contractor or funded by an outside group; e.g., parents' club, etc., the site requesting the work will be charged the total contracted costs.
  • If a district- or site-funded capital outlay request is performed by our Maintenance department during the course of a normal workday, the site will be charged for the cost of material only.
  • If overtime for labor, inspection, or supervision is required, these costs will also be charged to the site.
  • When submitting a request, a budget code must be included. If the capital outlay request cannot be completed by Maintenance due to time constraints and it does not qualify to be contracted out, Maintenance will so indicate when the request is returned.