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Clerical Sample Test 

              SAMPLE TEST

       For All Substitute & Permanent


  • In most cases, test will begin with a five-minute timed typing test. Passing score is 45 net words per minute.  You must pass this test to continue to the next step, which is the written test.  If you do not pass the timed typing test, you will be excused.
  • The following questions are representative of the types of questions asked on our clerical tests.  The degree of difficulty, and areas tested, will vary depending on the job description.  
  • Following the written test most positions require typing an unstructured business letter and/or composition of a memo.  Depending on the position, additional computer exercises may be required.



Spelling is dictated orally at the time of testing.  The spelling test will consist of several sentences.  Each sentence will contain a blank space.  You will write in the word as it is dictated.

Example:         A ____________ was formed to decorate the multi-use room at the high school for the upcoming dance.    

                              Word dictated:  committee


MATH            (Calculators may be used on this section, but will not be provided.)

Directions:     Compute the following problems and write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

1.      53

      + 25


2.      3,218,197

        -  870,347


3.         40.0

        x   1.30

 4.       __ 20_____


5.    3 % of 40 =


  1. Clayton Valley Elementary School’s test scores were as follows:  30, 25, 15, 20, 10, 15 and 25. 

           What is the average test score?     

    7.  Write the following number with commas appropriately inserted:  

           Seven hundred twenty-three thousand six hundred six.

  1. Round off 549.67 to the nearest whole number.



Directions:     For each sentence, choose the correct pronoun from those given in parentheses and write your answer on the separate answer sheet.

1.               (We,  Us) students wish to submit a petition.

2.               Give the prize to (whoever,  whomever) submits the first correct entry.

3.               Mr. Jones and (I,  me,  myself) are going to be on a panel to discuss numerical filing.


Directions:     In the following items, select the sentence which represents the best English usage.  Write your answer on the separate answer sheet.

4.                  A.  She can do the job much more easily than them.

B.    She can do the job much more easy than them.

C.    She can do the job much more easily than they.

D.    She can do the job much more easy than they.


     5.          A.  This is entirely between you and he.

                  B.  That is completely between you and he.

                  C. This is between you and him.

                  D.  This is between he and you.


    6.           A.  Neither the first nor the second copy was correct.

                  B.  Neither the first or the second copy was correct.

                  C.  Neither the first nor the second copy were correct.

                  D.  Neither the first or the second copy were correct.



Two types of filing tests are used for clerical testing.  Samples of both tests are as follows:


1.               Richard L. Allen would be filed between:

A.      Robert Allen and Stephen Allen

                  B.       Paul Allan and Thomas Allan

                  C.      Rex Allen and Richard M. Allen

                  D.      Peter Allen and Rich Allen

                  E.      Rick Allen and Ronald Allen

2.               M. H. Brown would be filed between

A.              N. A. Brown and T. R. Brown

B.              Morris E. Brown and Nicholas Brown

C.              M. J. Brown and William Brown

D.              David G. Brown and M. G. Brown

E.               Donald G. Brown and Paul Brown

3.               Jerry Eichler would be filed between

A.              John Eichler and Lee Eichler

B.              B. M. Eicher and Thomas Eicher

C.              K. R. Eichler and R. D. Eichler

D.              George Eicher and Leonard Eicher

E.               Eugene Eicher and Kenneth Eichler                                                                                       


Think of the list of names in the right-hand column as folders in a file drawer.  Indicate AFTER which name in the right-hand column each of the names in the left-hand column would be filed.


________        Laurence M. Courson              1.  Courson, L. L.

                                                                 2.  Courson, L. M.

                                                                 3.   Courson, Laurence H.

                                                                 4.    Courson, Lawrence H.

                                                                 5.     Courson, Martin


________        J.S. Rosatti                             1.  Rosati, J. B.

                                                                  2.    Rosati, J. Samuel

                                                                  3.    Rosatti, J. Roberto

                                                                  4.    Rosatti, J. Samuel

                                                                  5.     Rosatti, J. T.



Directions:     Count the number of identical pairs of names in each group and write the number of such pairs on the separate answer sheet.


Example:         Market Basker             -           Market Basket Inc.                  Answer:         1

                                 Wm. E. Hillmer             -          Wm. E. Hillmer

                                  B. J. Ossenbeck          -          H. J. Ossenbeck

                                  Cindy Peckham            -          Cindy Peckman



1.         Giancinto Orasatti        -          Biancinto Orsatti

            R. Orschanski              -          R. P. Orchanski

            P. R. Shaheen             -          P. R. Shahien

            Alberta R. Alpern         -          Alberta R. Alperin


2.         Edith Orwig                 -          Ethel Orwig

            J. J. O’Ryan                 -          J. J. O’Ryan

            J. K. Brodegaard          -           J. K. Brodeguard

            Berdie Osborn              -          Berdie Osborn


3.         M. B. Ostoich               -          M. B. Ostoich

            Andrew Morauek          -          Andrew Morauec

            Natalie Linden              -          Natalie Linden

            O. B. Oechsli                -          A. B. Oechsel           



Directions:     Count the number of identical pairs of numbers in each group and write the number of such pairs on the separate answer sheet.


Example:           9927382        -              9927382                                Answer:              4

                                  15672839        -            15672839

                                   3678892         -             3678902

                                  87263543        -             87263543

                                   5572867         -              5572867


1.             32456          -               30456

                11189          -               11198

                      26          -                    26

                  4525          -                 4255

                      23          -                    32


2.           126427           -             124637         

                  5994          -                 5991

            4512845           -           4512845         

                  3989           -                3988

                      74          -                    74


3.               30041         -               30014

                     559         -                   557

                   2680         -                 2860

                634577        -               634577

                   7889         -                 7889



Secretarial / Clerical Sample Test









1.         78

1.          We

Test No. 1

1.         0

1.         1

2.     2,347,850

2.     whomever

1.          C

2.         2

2.         2

3.         52

3.            I

2.          E

3.         2

3.         2

4.        .75

4.           C

3.          E



5.       1.20

5.           C


6.        20

6.           A

Test No. 2

7.      723,606


3 Courson,  Laurance  H    

8.       550

3    J. S. Rosatti