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FACT Modules Year 1 

Professional Portfolio Cover

Module A

A Coversheet
A Coversheet Professional Readings
A-1 Checking My Equity Systems
A-1 Class Profile
A-2 Classroom Layout
A-2 Disaster Drill Reflection
A-3 School and District Information/Resources
A-4 Site Orientation Checklist
A-5 Home/School Communication
A-6 Community Resources
A-7.1 Conversion Guide
CELDT Scores

Module B

B Coversheet
B Coversheet Professional Readings
B-1.2 Alignment Chart Discussion Guide
B-2 Informal Classroom Observation: CSTP
B-2 Informal Classroom Observation: Induction Standard 5
B-2 Informal Classroom Observation: Collection of Evidence : Induction Standards
B-2 Informal Classroom Observation: Module 5
B-3.1 K-W-O Chart
B-3.2 Formal Classroom Observation
B-3.2 Formal Classroom Observation: CSTP Collection of Evidence
B-4 Post-Observation Reflection
E-1 Continuum Cover Sheet
E-2.1 Self-Assessment of CSTP
E-2.2 Self-Assessment of Induction Standards
E-3.5 Conversation Guide: Pedagogy

Module C

C Coversheet
C Coversheet Professional Readings
C-1 Individual Induction Plan
C-1 Inquiry: A Definition
C-1 Inquiry Organizer
C-1 What is Action Research
C-2 Essential Components for Instruction
C-3 Entry Level Assessment Resource
C-4 Focus Student Selection
C-5 Lesson Plan Template
C-5 Lesson Plan Template for Observation
C-6 Inquiry Observation Record Part 1
C-6 Inquiry Observation Record Part 2
C-7 Analysis of Student Work
C-8 Summative Assessment Resource Part 1
C-8 Summative Assessment Reflection Part 2
CFU Strategies Part 1
CFU Strategies Part 2

Module D

D Coversheet
D-2 Reflective Summary of Teaching Practice