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MDUSD celebrates Class of 2024 graduates at commencement ceremonies

MDUSD celebrates Class of 2024 graduates at commencement ceremonies

Class of 2024 graduation commencement ceremonies began last month, with the Special Education Bridge Program commencement and the Northgate HS commencement on Wednesday, May 29th followed by the College Park HS commencement on Thursday, May 30th and Concord HS graduation on Friday, May 31st, and the Alternative Education program and Olympic HS graduations on Saturday, June 1st.

The Bridge Program graduation, which was not live-streamed, took place at the Loma Vista Adult Education Center in Concord. At the event, 18 graduates received Certificates of Completion after learning life and work skills that will help them transition to adulthood, supported by enthusiastic families and friends. Graduate speaker Erin McClanahan said she gained job experience working at a grocery store. "We have learned so much," she said, adding thanks to the Bridge Program staff. "Thank you to the teachers for teaching us to be our best. And thank you to our families for always being there and for helping us to be the best we can be. To all my friends, old and new, you are special to me. Good luck Class of 2024 – we did it!" Wendi Aghily, Chief of Special Education and Pupil Services, praised the students for their resilience, and ability to adapt to change, which are skills that will carry them throughout their lives. Board Member Keisha Nzewi said she was proud and happy to accept the graduating class, and teacher Lynn De Mattei thanked families for their love and heartfelt applause during the event. 

The Northgate HS graduation can be viewed here. It included inspirational speeches from Principal Kelly Cooper, Superintendent Dr. Adam Clark, Board Member Cherise Khaund, graduate speakers Ella Kopper and Emily Chao, and teacher Jon Burchett.

MDUSD Superintendent Dr. Adam Clark, who attended all of the high school graduations at the Toyota Pavilion, said he was pleased to see the strong connections between staff and students at the events and he was sure that he would see the same sorts of connections between middle and elementary school staff and students at their end of the year events, as well. 

The College Park HS graduation can be viewed here. It included inspirational remarks from graduate speakers Ava Palermo and Mariah McCoy, Principal Kevin Honey, teacher Chris Ellenwood, Superintendent Dr. Clark and Board Vice President Linda Mayo. The city of Pleasant Hill posted the names of College Park HS seniors on its LED board outside City Hall throughout the weekend!

The Concord HS graduation can be viewed here. It included inspirational addresses from graduate speakers Zahra Bakhshi, Sergio Banuelos, Nadia Ortega and Abigail Flores; Superintendent Dr. Clark; and English teachers Rebecca Dell and Azeema Yahya along with campus supervisor Mike Petta, who collectively called themselves "A.R.M."

The Alternative Education graduation for Crossroads, Glenbrook, Horizons, and Prospect high school can be viewed here. It included inspirational speeches from Superintendent Dr. Clark, Board Member Linda Mayo, Crossroads graduate Karla Rodriguez, Glenbrook Academy graduate Brianna (Maddie) Le Anne Kelley, Horizons graduate Danielle Stubbee, and Prospect graduate Jesse Maruri. It also included the presentation of Mt. Diablo Council of PTA scholarships and Mt. Diablo Alternative Education Foundation scholarships to several students.

The Olympic HS graduation can be viewed here. It included inspirational remarks from Board Member Debra Mason, Principal Courtney Lyon, Superintendent Dr. Clark and graduate speakers Annalicia Alvarez, Gracie Case and Tatania Griffith; and teacher David Giordano, who received the graduate nomination for the Hilde Spritzer Award.   

The Mt. Diablo HS graduation can be viewed here. Known as the District's "Flagship School," Mt. Diablo HS celebrated 378 graduates at its 121st Annual Commencement, said Board Member Linda Mayo in a Facebook post. "The JROTC carried the Colors as the grads marched in. The immediate past MDUSD student trustee Anahi Nava Flores was the first of four graduate speakers followed by Jorena Oliver, Josemit Rodriguez Hernandez and Precious Harris. Trustee Debra Mason accepted this large class. The MDHS Alma Mater was beautifully sung by Secia Jovel. 'In the shadow of the mountain, Diablo reigns supreme….,'" Mayo said. "The future of our entire community will be enhanced by these young adults." 

The Ygnacio Valley HS graduation can be viewed here. The 290 graduates were accepted by Trustee Keisha Nzewi following the recognition of the seven prestigious Ernie Wutzke Golden Wolf Award winners. Graduate speakers included Jasmin Alfa Garcia, Yolany Morales, Maurilio Herrera, Christina Noonan, Nancy Garcia Hinojosa, Jose Armando Moreno, Maryam Ahmadi, Giovanni Gomez and Sarah Richnavsky. MDUSD Student Trustee Susana Barrios was also celebrated. "Principal Pike also recognized the support of Ygnacio Valley HS PTSA, Nor Cal Lions Club, The Rotary Club of Concord and the YVHS Alumi for their ongoing contributions," said Board Member Linda Mayo in a Facebook post. "The audience was treated to a variety of musical selections by the YVHS Jazz Band; and Morgan Voegtly on keyboard, including the complicated Fantasie-Impromptu, Op. 66 by Frederic Chopin before the commencement began." 

The Adult Education graduation took place Saturday, June 8th at the Loma Vista Adult Center in Concord. It was not live-streamed. 

A PowerPoint presentation featuring Class of 2024 Senior Awards Nights is here