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Redistricting of Existing Trustee Voting Area

Board Approved Trustee Voting Area

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Revised Trustee Areas 2022 with numbers


Redistricting of Existing Trustee Voting Area

Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) completed the process to transition from at-large to by-trustee area elections effective 2020. Every ten years, after the U.S. Census data is released, school districts are required to evaluate whether their current trustee areas have approximately equal populations using the new census data. Due to the Covid pandemic, the Census Bureau released its data over six months behind schedule.  However, upon the recent 2020 Census data release, MDUSD began the process of evaluating each of its trustee areas for population balance.  The variation in total population among trustee areas cannot exceed 10%. If the total peak variation is less than 10%, no changes are needed. If the total peak variation exceeds 10% then trustee area boundaries will need to be adjusted. This process is referred to as redistricting. Trustee areas must be made as equal in population as possible and practicable to provide equal access to political representation consistent with the one person, one vote constitutional principle. 

The District has engaged professional demographer Cooperative Strategies to conduct the required evaluation and draft revised map scenarios based on recommended criteria for consideration by the Trustees and public.  Staff will present the results of the initial evaluation, as well as proposed scenarios (Mt. Diablo Scenario 1 and Mt. Diablo Scenario 2) for evaluation and review by the Board February 9, 2022. Staff brought forth a resolution for adoption of a scenario following public hearing at the Board meeting on February 23, 2022.  The Board of Education passed and adopted Resolution 21.22 (56) Revised Trustee Areas along with the map for Scenario 2 on February 23, 2022.


In accordance with the California Voting Rights Act, MDUSD began its transition to a by-trustee area election system in 2020, away from a former at-large election system. 

After several months of public hearings and community forums to gather input, the MDUSD Governing Board approved a final map and election sequence and presented it to Contra Costa County Committee on School District Organization, which approved the trustee areas and election method change at a special joint meeting on November 13, 2019 (use the link, then select "Meetings" at the top right, select "2019" and "Nov 13, 2019 Special Joint Meeting" to view the agenda).   Both the map and the election sequence were approved in a 5-0 vote.

Click here to view the approved 2019 map selection: Purple A Scenario

We wish to thank all of those who attended the public hearings and forums and took the time to provide feedback.




Cesar Alvarado, Esq.