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Mail Services

Bulk Mail

The district has both bulk and first-class permits on file with the Concord Main Post Office. Sites may use either permit for their mail needs; however, payment must be made at the time of the mailing. Mail expenses cannot be charged to the district's permit.

Postage Statement-First Class Mail-Permit Imprint form must be prepared and delivered to the Post Office at the time of the mailing. The Post Office sends notification to the district whenever the permit is used. A supply of the permit imprint forms may be obtained from the Post Office.  

Pony Mail

There are two district interoffice pony routes. Delivery of mail to the sites will occur between the hours of 9:15 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. in most cases, every other day.

Due to the ever-increasing volume of mail, the reduction of mail delivery staff, and the weight of the mail bags, the MDUSD mailroom staff requests that you please...


  • Send only two "cums" at a time in the mail bags. Large numbers of "cums" should be delivered to the district office or to the transferring school site.
  • Pony drivers can only carry what fits in the delivery bags.
  • Do not send warehouse "returns" or recyclable toner cartridges through the pony. Call the warehouse for pick-up.
  • Do not use pony to send videos, books, clothing, stuffed animals, toys, etc.
  • Please do not send food items such as candy or cookies through the pony. They may melt or get crushed in the pony bags and/or draw ants.
  • Do not use pony service for personal use such as football pools, Valentine's Day candy, secret pal gifts, etc.
  • Please do not staple pony envelopes closed. Please use tape over the envelope clasps, making sure clasps are flat, or you may rubber band larger bundles. (Staples and clasps cause injuries to the mail staff.)
  • Please use blue or black ink to address pony envelopes. Other colors can be difficult to read.
  • On large mailings going to different site, please bundle and rubber band in alphabetical order by site.
  • Make sure all previous names/departments are crossed out on pony envelopes.
  • Use name and department/site when addressing pony envelopes
  • Denote "elementary," "middle," or "high" when addressing pony envelopes. We have more than one site with the same name; i.e., Mt. Diablo, Sequoia, Pleasant Hill, and Ygnacio Valley.
  • Spell out "Pine Hollow Middle" or Pleasant Hill Middle" instead of "PHM"
  • Give mailroom advance notice of large U.S. mailings.
  • Return extra pony envelopes to mailroom bundled with rubber band, marked "extra."
  • Do not allow business, sales reps or other "outside" groups to use pony service.

Please call the mailroom at ext. 4154 or the Office of General Counsel at ext. 4002 if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation!

Pony Routes


Start:  Dent Center Mailroom


Start: Dent Center Mailroom    

1. Monte Gardens

1. Holbrook

2. Shadelands

2. Sun Terrace

3. Sunrise

3. Glenbrook/Home & Hospital

4. Wren Avenue

4. Purchasing

5. Crossroads

5. Maintenance/Measure C

5. Olympic

6. Transportation

6. Mt. Diablo High

7. Local 1 (when Needed)

7. Purchasing & Warehouse (2)

8. Delta View

8. Transportation

9. Shore Acres

9. Maintenance/Measure C

10. Rio Vista MS

10. M.D.E.A. Office *

11. Riverview MS

12. Hidden Valley

12. DBel Aire Elementary

13. Valhalla

13. Mountain View Elementary

14. College Park

14. Silverwood Elementary

15. DVC/College Now

15. Highlands

15. Valley View

16. Ayers Elementary

16. Gregory Gardens/Robert Shearer

17. Diablo View Middle

17. Strandwood

18. Mt. Diablo Elementary

19. Sequoia Middle

19. Pine Hollow MS

20. Sequoia Elementary

20. Highlands Elementary

21. Pleasant Hill Elementary

21. Foothill Middle

22. C.C.C. Office of Education

22. Walnut Acres Elementary

23. Pleasant Hill Educ. Ctr. & Pleasant Hill Middle (2)

23. Eagle Peak Montessori

24. Bancroft

24. Northgate High School

25. Oak Grove

25. Valle Verde Elementary

27. Ygnacio Valley Elementary

26. Ygnacio Valley High School

28. Willow Creek Center/ Enrollment Center

27. Woodside Elementary

29. Fair Oaks

28. El Monte Elementary

30. Cambridge

29. El Dorado Middle

31. Meadow Homes

30. Concord High School

32. Loma Vista Adult Center

31. Dent Center Mailroom
34. Dent Center Mailroom  

*=One day per week (if needed) - call first
**=Twice per week only 

U.S. Mail

Sites wishing to have large mailings mailed by the central mail room must have the mailing pre sorted by zip code when the mailing contains 500 or more pieces. In addition, the envelope "flaps" must be left up for proper "feeding" into the postage machine. All envelopes should contain the same number sheets of paper to qualify for large mailing. When mailing is dropped off at the mailroom, please provide a budget code. Sites will be charged for postage through an expenditure transfer. The district will cover costs of mailing first and second semester report cards only for secondary sites.

Please let the mailroom know in advance when a large mailing will be forthcoming so that postage meter expenses can be anticipated and time allowed to process and take to the main post office.