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Volunteer Projects

Volunteer Projects are ways for site and community organizations to enrich our
school facilities for students without paid labor.

Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities encourages participation in Volunteer Projects. Volunteer Projects can expand your parent network, build new friendships and enhance social skills.

Examples of a volunteer project are:

  • Community Service/Beautification Day – campus cleanup
  • Murals/Stencils/Tile Projects
  • Repainting of US Maps
  • Rejuvenation of Butterfly/ Science/ School Garden
  • Eagle Scout Projects

Starting a project without prior approval can create potential problems and fees that your site would be accountable for. Please contact Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities at (925) 825-7440, ext. 3804 if you have any questions regarding a Volunteer Project or the process.

To start a project at your site:

Submit Volunteer Request a minimum of 30 days prior to the desired start date.

  1. Fill out the form and get the Principal or Administrative Designee Signature
  2. Have all required documents attached to Volunteer Request:
    • Project scope 
    • Site Map with project areas identified
    • Materials list to be used 
    • Security of site (who is responsible)
    • Project schedule 
    • Gardens: provide a list of plants to be used
  3. Send Volunteer Request to M & O:
    • Melanie Koslow / Janet Richardson via pony or /
  4. Submit a Use Permit for the dates the project will be accomplished, note use permit number on Volunteer Request Form.


  • All Volunteer Requests will be review by M & O Management in alignment with collective bargaining agreements.
  • Projects will be approved, approved with conditions, or denied by Director of Facilities or Designee.

Approval is limited to the dates and scope of work submitted. Any modifications or amendments to the original project must be submitted on a separate request and approved by the Volunteer Committee prior to the start or continuance of the original project by the applicant.