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Access for the Disabled

We put just as much thought into our inclusive learning spaces as we do into accommodating instructional needs of our special students.  There shall be no door they cannot enter, no play structure they cannot enjoy and no restrictions on their safety.  Extra focus is a must for all of our sites whether it be in transportation or basic enjoyment while in our care.

All Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA Codes are followed and embraced.  If you have any questions please contact 925 825-7440 x3815

The Maintenance and Operations serves as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator for the District. The ADA Coordinator can provide assistance with structural accommodations and alternate methods of delivery of a service for a disabled person. When there is a concern about accommodations for anyone at your site with a disability, contact the ADA Coordinator at 925-825-7440, ext. 3815.