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Surplus Equipment & E-Waste

E-waste Surplus and Excess Equipment Forms

The General Pickup/Delivery form is a general purpose form that can be used to notify the warehouse for the pick-up of items such as discard books, equipment and furniture. If you do not need this form to move furniture or equipment the form can be used without any other form attached.

The instructions provided below how to use the General Pickup/Delivery form as it applies to moving surplus equipment and furniture.    It can also be used to move  these items between sites. Listed below are a few guidelines for using the forms (BP 3440 a & b).

  1. It is important to summarize the quantity and description of items that need to be picked up, disposed of or delivered on all forms. This allows the warehouse to route your request in timely manner.
  2. If disposing equipment or furniture, please attach the Surplus Equipment/Furniture List providing a description, quantity, tag numbers and any other information for each item.
  3. For Furniture that is useful to other sites but has no destination, summarize what needs to be picked up on the General Pickup/Delivery form and indicate this on the pick up for.   Please note: There is no facility in the district for the centralized storage of furniture or equipment at this time.
  4. If the furniture or equipment listed on the forms present a health or safety hazard please indicate it on the comment line of the General Pickup/Delivery Form.
  5. Once the forms are completed fax completed form to 682-8058.