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General Pick-Up and Delivery

General Surplus Pickup and Delivery Form (PDF)

General Pick-Up Delivery Form For Miscellaneous Deliveries 

The General Pickup and Delivery Form is a used to notify the Purchasing Warehouse of the need to move or pickup surplus items such as discard books, equipment and furniture.

Use the General Pickup/Delivery Form for the following:

  • Discard books to be picked up by warehouse
  • Supplies and items to deliver from one site to another
  • Excess furniture or equipment
  • Involuntary teacher moves



Please complete the General Pickup/Move Form and email to Scott Metz with moving timeline so that he can schedule the move.  Please allow 2-4 weeks during summer peak moving time.

  • Make sure the boxes are taped with packing tape on the bottom and top.
  • Make sure the box is not too big/heavy.  If you can't pick it up, neither can the Warehouse staff.
  • Mark the boxes clearly, so that the Warehouse staff picks up only what they should.


Requests for packing boxes now need to be ordered on a regular stores order using item SI#00994300. The packing boxes are sold as "each" and the cost is about $1.50 per individual box (12in. x 12in. x 18in.).  Please send the stores order number to notify Scott Metz at or ext. 3751.


Free boxes will be supplied under the following conditions only:

  • Involuntary Site to Site Moves - Maximum of 8 free boxes allowed per teacher
  • Site to Site Classroom or Department Moves
  • School Closures