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Procedures for Sale

All disposal of district owned property, regardless of cost or value, requires prior written approval of the site administrator and/or the Fixed Assets Manager. This can be accomplished by submitting the General Pick-Up and delivery Form.  (BP 3440 a)


All transfer of all items between sites should be agreed to by site managers at both sites. Help in moving these items can be requested via the General Pick up and Delivery Form. Any temporary transfers of items which are to exceed thirty (30) days are considered permanent and to be reported. (BP 3440 b)


Items with an original cost over $500.00 shall not be disposed of unless approved by the site administer and or the Fixed Assets Manager. Items that originally cost less than $500.00 may be disposed of locally at the discretion of the site administrator. Records must be kept documenting the details of the disposal. Under no circumstances are items to be given away or sold to students, staff or others. (BP 3440 b)


Items surplus to the site that have value (Excess Equipment) to the district are to be transferred to a central location for evaluation and disposition. Surplus items will moved from the site as time permits upon request via the General Pick Up/Delivery Form to the Central Warehouse. (BP 3440 a)


Under no circumstances are items to be given away or sold to students, staff or others. Information related to functional surplus or excess items that may me available for your use can be obtained from the Purchasing/Warehouse Department.


To facilitate moving, please summarize the quantity and description of what has to be moved via General Pickup and Delivery Form.

If disposing furniture or equipment, please complete the attached Surplus Equipment/Furniture List with as much information as possible, such as: MDUSD tag numbers, serial numbers and description of items where the original cost was in over $500.00

If moving equipment of value over $500.00 to warehouse or between sites, please complete the attached Excess Equipment/Furniture List including the MDUSD tag numbers, serial numbers and descriptions.