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Transportation Department

Dispatch Office

(925) 825-7440 Ext. 3710

The school buses operated by the Transportation Department of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District travel within a 150-square-mile radius daily. They presently transport over 1,500 students who receive specialized services through the Special Education Department and General Education students to 49 school sites and centers. The fleet of 110 buses, which includes sixteen electric and twenty-six compressed natural gas (CNG) school buses, drive over 1.2 million miles a year. The Transportation Department also transports students on over 300 athletic trips and over 1,500 field trips each year. 

The Transportation Department provides the following services:

  • Transportation and route scheduling for students receiving specialized services
  • Special Trips: Field Trips, athletic trips, etc.
  • Transportation and route scheduling for Mt. Diablo and Olympic High School students residing in Bay Point and El Dorado Middle School students living in the previous Glenbrook Middle School area in Concord
  • Maintenance of all district-owned vehicles, totaling 311 vehicles
  • Fuel dispensing and monitoring
  • Training programs for school bus drivers
  • Safety: School bus safety and evacuation programs for all K-5 grade students