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Assessment, Research and Evaluation

Welcome to MDUSD’s Assessment, Research and Evaluation Department (ARE).

Through the following areas, ARE contributes to MDUSD’s mission of ensuring that each student in the district receives the highest quality of educational services and the best opportunity for educational success.  Please see below for further information into the primary divisions of work in ARE.

Assessments - Assessments Calendar, State and District Assessments, Standardized Testing, Report Cards

Evaluation - School and District Program Evaluations

Accountability - State Accountability Reports, School and District Reports, Public Data Reports

Research - External and Internal Research Projects

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                                                       OUR TEAM

  Raymond Tjen-A-Looi, PhD        Bernadette Cordova                  Mariela Ramos Velasco                            Eddy Cabrera Franco

  Director                                               Academic Data Technician        Academic Data Technician                          Academic Data Technician     

  (925) 682-8000 ext. 4132                 (925) 682-8000 ext. 4114              (925) 682-8000 ext. 4112                                 (925) 682-8000 ext. 4135