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Work Experience Education


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Summer 2023 Work Permit Information

What is Work Experience Education (WEE)?

Work Experience Education is an elective class that combines paid employment with classroom instruction.  Students work at their jobs during the week and also attend a class session once a week at school.

Students develop positive attitudes and work habits, self-confidence, job skills, and a personal portfolio which can be used to locate, secure, and retain employment in the community.

What will I learn in Work Experience Education classes?

The course curriculum includes:

    • how to get a job and keep it
    • how to leave a job
    • economic awareness and career awareness

Students learn about labor laws and how they will affect them throughout their lives.  Students learn about banking, budgeting, credit and insurance.  Students learn about the function of different California agencies that can assist them in times of difficulty.  Students learn about work place safety, sexual harassment, and jobs in the trades. 

Do students in Work Experience Education get special privileges?

State and Federal Labor Codes allow minors enrolled in Work Experience Education to obtain more hours of work during the week.

Students enrolled in Work Experience Education can work 8 hours maximum per day/any day of the week. A WEE student can work up to 40 hours per week.  Students can go to work as early as 5 a.m. and can work as late as 10 p.m. on a school night. 

How do I earn a grade in Work Experience Education?

Grades are earned by attending class, doing the related instructional assignments, and performing satisfactorily on the job as evaluated by the employer.

Where are Work Experience Education classes offered?

WEE classes are offered at all 6 district high schools, as well as at Olympic Continuation High, Diablo Community Day School, and all 5 necessary small high schools.

Who is the Work Experience Education teacher at my school?

College Park High
 Lance Hurtato
   (925) 682-7670

 Concord High
Kathy Koch
   (925) 687-2030 ext. 3338

Ygnacio Valley High
Mark Tran
   (925) 685-8414

 Crossroads High, Gateway High, Nueva Vista/Summit High, Olympic High, Prospect High
Brenda Beteta
   (925) 685-7340 ext. 6714
   (925) 798-7410 - fax

Interested?  Read about how to enroll in Work Experience Education.