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Individualized Learning Plans


23-24 Individual Learning Plan Cover Page

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

The ILP documents goal-setting, professional learning, and progress towards mastery of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. With the assistance of the assigned TISP mentor and based on self-identified areas of strength and growth, participating teachers will develop professional goals within the context of the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) within the first 60 days of enrollment in the program. Each ILP is designed and implemented solely for the professional growth and development of the participating teacher and not for evaluation for employment purposes. Focused cycles of inquiry will guide individual professional development.




Every aspect of MDUSD TISP is individualized based on the participating teacher's assignment, the specific needs of students, teacher self-assessments, district and site initiatives, guidance from the administrator(s), and feedback from the mentor.

The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is grounded in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) and is used by all participating teachers to guide their work. The ILP provides a roadmap for participating teachers as they work towards their professional goals, and is adjusted over the course of the year based on their evolving needs. Professional Goals, self-assessment, and Cycles of Inquiry are completed by every participating teacher, and reflection on equitable practice is embedded throughout the program. All teachers participate in observation of best practice through district-wide (or occasionally outside of district) instructional rounds, visits to vetted classrooms at their site, selected segments of recorded instruction, or mentor modeling within the context of the teacher's classroom. Other components are collaboratively selected by the mentor and teacher to best meet the teacher's needs for growth.

The ILP is individualized based on the needs of each participating teacher through 3 inter-related components:

ILP Components