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Athletic Insurance Requirements

The California Education Code (Section 32221) requires all athletic team participants to have insurance which covers $1,500 medical and hospital expenses in case of accidents or injuries. If the student does not have adequate health and accident coverage, it must be obtained before the child is eligible to participate in athletic team activities. Information on securing student accident insurance is available in the school offices. An Athletic Activity Clearance [english] [spanish] form must also be on file with the school office before a student is allowed to participate in any activity including cheerleading.

The Athletic Activity Clearance [english] [spanish] form refers to a "Waiver of Liability and Release" which is printed on the back of the form. This form must be read and acknowledged on the Athletic Activity Clearance [english] [spanish] form by the parent/guardian. A supply of these forms can be obtained by duplicating the sample forms. A supply of the forms in Spanish is available by calling the Office of General Counsel.

The original form should be kept on file at the school site; however, a copy should be made for the coach to keep during games and practices. Forms should be retained for one year after the season has ended.