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Incident Reports

When an incident occurs at a site or in the event that there is knowledge or suspicion of an incident that occured for which the district could have potential exposure to a libility claim the site should complete an Incident Report form and send it to the Office of General Counsel. It is not necessary for the person completing the form to determine liability or negligence on the district's part. The person should only report any information that is known. Some examples for use of the Incident Report form are:

  • - A person, other than a student or an employee, is injured on the site
  • - A student is involved in a sexual-related matter, either as the victim or the perpetrator
  • - A student is questioned by the police as a possible victim or suspect
  • - The property of a student is either damaged or stolen
  • - The property of a non-student that is in school custody is stolen or damaged; for example a visiting athletic team's locker room is broken into and player/coach personal property is stolen or damaged.