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The school buses operated by the Transportation department of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District travel a 150 square mile radius each day. They presently transport over 1,764 regular and Special Education students each day to 49 school sites and centers. The fleet of 110 buses drives over 1.2 million miles a year. The Transportation department also transports students on over 300 athletic trips and over 1,500 field trips each year.


Note: Students should arrive 5 minutes prior to the posted departure time.

The following services are provided by the Transportation department:

  • Transportation for students receiving specialized services
  • Special Trips: Field Trips, athletic trips, etc.
  • Maintenance of all district-owned vehicles
  • Fuel dispensing and monitoring
  • Training programs for school bus drivers
  • Safety: School bus safety and evacuation programs for all K-5 grade students
  • Mt. Diablo High School students 


DISPATCH OFFICE                  925-825-7440         Ext. 3710


El Dorado/Glenbrook Middle School AM Shuttle

El Dorado/Glenbrook AM Shuttle Schedule

EDMS Bus Pass On-line Application


Mt. Diablo High School (MDHS)

Bus Pass Application

(Mt. Diablo High School Students Only, living in Bay Point and within the Mt. Diablo USD demographics area)

Bus Pass Applications available in the Mt. Diablo High School Office or online.

MDHS Bus Pass Application

Click here for MDHS Bus Schedule Information.


Drop Off Permission Slips

Drop Off Permission Slip - English

Drop Off Permission Slip - Spanish


County Connection Bus Service

Please follow the links for County Connection Bus Service from the Mt. Diablo High School website.




TransTraks Instruction Guide and link to trip request form:

Contact Dispatch at 825-7440, ext. 3722 for field trip assistance.

According to 13 CCR 1217: “…the number of passengers shall not exceed the number of safe and adequate seating spaces…” MDUSD has set the following guidelines in order to assist schools/departments in maintaining safe seating on district school buses when planning trips:


Pre-kinder to 3rd grade: Three passengers per seat up to 90% of the maximum seating capacity (rounded down to the nearest whole number). Adult chaperones may limit the seating capacity and can be configured two to a seat.


4th grade to Adult: Two passengers per seat. Maximum passenger load 52 in big buses.


In no event will the driver allow more passengers and equipment to exceed the safe seating and the maximum weight rating of the vehicle he or she is in charge of. The driver has the authority and discretion to reduce or limit passengers and equipment in order to maintain a safe control of the vehicle.