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Volunteer Projects

Green Check All volunteer projects must be given initial approval by the site administrator.
Green Check All submissions must include: the type of work to be performed; a site map (if applicable); a list of products and/or materials to be used; any equipment the group proposes to use; and, the timelines for beginning and completing the project.
Green Check The work to be performed shall be within the ability of the group completing the project.
Green Check Project costs cannot be incurred or expended by the District’s General Fund, and supervision of the project must be provided by the volunteer individual or group.
Green Check No project can be performed where any portion of the work by volunteers is performed for any compensation (financial or material gain).
Green Check All volunteer projects are limited to the work that has been specifically approved.
Green Check All projects should be for a one time site improvement.
Green Check All Volunteer Requests must be forwarded to:

Director of Maintenance and Operations at and add Janet Richardson, Administrative Secretary at, 30 days PRIOR to the start date of the planned activity.



If a site administrator recommends a volunteer project be approved, a Volunteer Work/Project Request Form must be completed and forwarded to the Director of Maintenance and Operations for approval, PRIOR to scheduled work beginning.  

For additional information, please call 925-825-7440, extension 3804.

Volunteer Work/Project Request