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Mileage Reimbursement

Per Board Policy 3350:

Compensation shall be made for authorized travel by automobile at a per-mile rate adjusted annually on July 1, to correspond to the rate allowed without itemization by the IRS, or for the actual cost of air travel, whichever is less. If the IRS rate is reduced during the fiscal year, the district's reimbursement rate will also be reduced to avoid taxable earnings on mileage.


Mileage Rates

2016-17  $0.535 per mile 1/1/17 

2017-18  $0.545 per mile 1/1/18

2018-19  $0.58   per mile 1/1/19

2019-20  $0.575 per mile 1/1/20

2020-21  $0.56 per mile 1/1/21

2021-22 $0.585 per mile 1/1/22 - 6/30/22

2022 Update $0.625 per mile as of 7/1/22 


Mileage Claim Form

The mileage claim form is used for mileage, bridge tolls, and parking not associated with conferences for which fees were paid. Use object code 5230.

Mileage Claim Form


Employees who are reimbursed for business mileage should submit their mileage claims monthly.



A table of distances between sites is available in the MILEAGE ChART.pdf. The mileage on the table is based on the Yahoo! Maps driving directions. Depending on your route, your actual odometer reading may vary.  The District reimbursement is the shorter of the two mileages.


Home to a destination within the district is considered a commute.  It is NOT reimbursable.