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Augmentative and Alternative Communcation Services


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) supports are appropriate for students who are not able to use their natural speech as their primary mode of communication. AAC is within the scope of practice of all speech-language pathologists, so all direct services involving AAC are provided by the site SLP. When the site team needs support in choosing and implementing an AAC system, they can contact the AAC Coaches for consultation. The AAC Coaches consult district-wide to teachers, case-managers, SLPs, school staff, and families.

Meet our Team

Stephanie Self, ATP

Renee Bourke, MS, CCC-SLP

James Fitzpatrick



Equipment Instructions in Alphabetical Order


All Turn it Spinner:

Instructions: Getting Started With All-Turn-It Spinner – AbleNet

Implementation ideas: The All Turn It Spinner 


Big Candy Corn Switch:

Instructions: Getting Started With BIG Candy Corn Switch – AbleNet

Implementation Ideas: AbleNet Technology Tidbits: Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch


Big Mack: 

 Instructions: Getting Started With BIGmack Speech Device – AbleNet

Implementation Ideas: Single Message Communication Device Use


Big Talking Brix:


Implementation ideas: BIG TalkingBrix and TalkingBrix 2 from AbleNet


Big Red Switch:

Getting Started With Big Red Switch – AbleNet


Big Step by Step:

Getting Started With BIG Step-by-Step Speech Device – AbleNet



Getting Started with Cling – AbleNet


Flex: Getting Started with Flex – AbleNet



Getting Started With iTalk2 Speech Device – AbleNet



Getting Started With iTalk4 Speech Device – AbleNet

AbleNet Tech Tips: Clear All Messages On BIGmack, LITTLEmack, Step-by-Step, iTalk2, and iTalk4


Jelly Beamer Transmitter:


Jelly Bean:

Getting Started With Jelly Bean Switch – AbleNet


Little Step by Step: Getting Started With LITTLE Step-by-Step Speech Device – AbleNet


Powerlink 4:

Getting Started With PowerLink 4 – AbleNet


Specs Switch: Getting Started With Specs Switch – AbleNet


SuperTalker FT: Getting Started With SuperTalker FT Speech Device – AbleNet


Wireless Receiver: Getting Started With Wireless Receiver – AbleNet


AAC Tool Kit Implementation Ideas

Breakfast Month-

50 classroom ideas in 50 minutes:

Core word lessons (also available in Pathways app):