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MDUSD Magnet Schools

Mt. Diablo Unified Scholastic Essentials Magnet Schools emphasize parent involvement, responsible student behavior and high curricular expectations. The optimum support parents can give is to provide a positive atmosphere in which learning is valued and the efforts of a child is encouraged. Research studies have shown that children whose parents are involved in their child’s education are more likely to succeed in school. MDUSD Magnet Schools are built upon the framework and goals of Magnet Schools of America

Magnet schools are built on the foundation of five pillars and are free public elementary and secondary schools of choice that are operated by school districts. Magnet schools have a focused theme and aligned curricula, are typically more “hands on – minds on” and use an approach to learning that is inquiry or performance/project based. They use state, district, or Common Core standards in all subject areas, however, they are taught within the overall theme of the school. Magnet schools generally attract a wide-range of students based on their interest in a school theme.


Benefits of magnet schools include: improved academic achievement, diverse student enrollments, reduced discipline problems, increased cultural competence of students, increased student attendance rates, higher graduation rates, greater teacher satisfaction and reduced teacher turn-over, innovative curricula, specialized teaching staff, and increased parent engagement and satisfaction. Magnet schools boast more parental and community involvement, more personalization through theme-based education, and specialized programs that create a shared sense of community that leads to a safer environment for learning. Teachers are licensed in the areas they teach, and are “highly specialized” through specific theme-based training and professional development.


Our Magnet Schools