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Negotiations Update

On May 14, 2019, the Mt. Diablo School District offered the following to the Mt. Diablo Education Association (MDEA) as part of current contract negotiations.

The Board is committed to continued investments in programs that support and advance the achievement of all students, especially for our students and families that who need additional support.  They must however consider the fiscal challenges associated with additional student support. If MDUSD wishes to ensure that other bargaining units receive the same percentage increase it will necessitate further reductions in personnel.

MDUSD has offered the following:

  • A 2% one-time off-schedule increase for the 2018-2019 school year, totaling approximately $3.3 million for MDEA and $2 million for other units) $5.3M
  • A 2% on-schedule increase for the 2019-2020 school year, commencing in January 2020, totaling approximately $1.6 million for MDEA and $1 million for other units) totaling $2.7M
  • Additional targeted support for schools identified as having concentrated urgent needs.  This proposal is in direct response to MDEA’s demand for intervention of some kind at our most impacted school sites and will reduce class sizes and protect teachers at those sites from staffing instability.
  • Reduction in class size by one student from contracted maximum. $2.2M
  • A $1,400 stipend for Bilingual and English teachers who teach in dual immersion classrooms. $32,428 (This dollar amount may fluctuate depending on program size.)
  • Protection of the current status for Special Education students so that there are no caps as to the number of Resource Students that can access the General Education curriculum.  Additionally, we will continue to work with our teachers to provide professional development for how to work effectively with students with special needs, exposed to chronic trauma and those that have academic gaps due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Teacher professional development for our new staff by hosting EduCamps during the first six weeks of school.  EduCamps will focus on Special Education, restorative practices, classroom management, equity across the curriculum, and more.

MDUSD leadership has had to identify additional possible reductions in order to fund these offers.

Future cost-saving measures may include:

  • Continued elimination of vacant positions;
  • Continued reduction of outside contract services
  • Continued reduction of travel/conferences;
  • Continued reduction of overtime;
  • Continued reduction of food purchases;
  • Continued reduction of materials/supplies;
  • Continued reduction of substitutes outside of the classroom;
  • Continued reduction of extra help to departments;

Possible reductions include:

  • Intervention Teachers;
  • Teachers on Special Assignment;
  • School site and Central Office Administrators;
  • Counselors;
  • Classified staff  including Instructional Assistants, Noon Supervisors, Campus Supervisors, Special Education Assistants, site secretaries, Central Office secretaries and Confidential Employees;
  • Technology Information Systems employees;
  • Custodial Staff; and
  • Other positions to be determined

Finding an appropriate balance between providing the best we can for students and families is challenging at best.

For more information, please see the budget presentations here.