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MDUSD Works to Support New County “Shelter-in-Place” Restrictions
Posted 3/17/20

Dear Mt. Diablo Unified School District Community,

As you know, the coronavirus situation in our region and our nation is evolving quickly. It was just four days ago that I ordered all schools to close to students starting this morning.

On Sunday, March 15, 2020, I advised all of our employees, except a handful of employees, to stay home on Monday, 16, 2020, rather than to come to work, as we further worked to establish guidelines for all employees during these ever-changing times.

On Monday afternoon, public health officials, including those from Contra Costa County Public Health, issued an even more significant order placing the entire county under a “Shelter-in-Place” order: nearly all Bay Area residents are ordered to shelter in place for the next three weeks. I am writing to share how this will impact MDUSD’s current operations and services.

  • Limited Food service will commence on Wednesday, March 18, 2020: We have identified eight locations throughout the District that will provide meals to students 18 and under. The sites include: Cambridge Elementary, Meadow Homes Elementary, El Dorado Middle School, Foothill Middle School, River View Middle School, Valley View Middle School, Ygnacio Valley High School, Mt. Diablo High School, and Bel Air Elementary. Meals will be provided from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. We will be providing lunch, and breakfast food for the following day in each bag.

District Operations will Continue to Extend Learning Opportunities to Students: The District remains open though we are currently closed to the public to enhance social distancing. While all district personnel could be activated under government code section 3100, (as emergency personnel), the district has currently advised the majority of personnel to work from home where feasible. Critical personnel who are required to come to work will need to follow social distancing practices and respond to the call to provide services needed by the district. More information detailing essential services provided by critical personnel will be provided to specific employees.

We know these events are creating significant disruptions to the daily lives of our students, their families, and our employees, but these inconveniences will hopefully prevent a catastrophic long-term impact on the public health of our community.

It is our understanding that the Contra Costa County Public Health Department will be posting Frequently Asked Questions to address specific issues on their Coronavirus Webpage. We will also continue to provide updates on the District webpages as they become available.

We are living in uncharted waters, in an unprecedented time, and we predict some challenging days ahead of us. However, this community knows how to work together for the benefit of our children and as a school district we are committed to meet the Governor’s expectations to provide food to our students in need, continue educational opportunities as best we can, and be supportive of our students, their families and our employees.

I know that all of our employees will continue to strive to connect, engage, and support our students and their families as best they can while ensuring their personal safety. We ask for your patience as we strive to do this and keep learning opportunities available for students. We will also be placing resources for families on our website, and working to provide devices and library books as possible.

I continue to ask everyone to continue to turn to each other, rather than to turn on each other and to demonstrate a demeanor of calm on behalf of our students. I know that the strength of our community that comes from the individual acts of many will lead to improved circumstances for our students. I have been thankful for the commitment of all of our employee representative groups and each of our employees as we have worked to mitigate these challenging times.   

I ask that as you maneuver through the maze of guidelines and information from a variety of sources that you please take seriously the recommendations included in the, “Shelter-in-Place,” directive. I ask that you please take actions to keep your family safe, follow the guidance for social distancing, and follow the County’s order to, “Shelter-in-Place,” as best you can.


Dr. Robert A. Martinez

Superintendent, Mt. Diablo Unified School District