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Mt. Diablo Unified School District to Oppose Appeal of Petition to Create New Northgate area School District
Posted 6/29/22

On February 23, 2017, community members in the Northgate area of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) submitted a petition to the Contra Costa County Superintendent of Schools to form a new school district that would include the following schools and their attendance areas: Bancroft Elementary, Valle Verde Elementary, Walnut Acres Elementary, Foothill Middle, and Northgate High schools.


The petition was denied by the County Committee on School District Reorganization, finding that it failed to meet the many criteria necessary to approve such a petition, including: 

  • the petition would not result in an equitable division of property between the districts;
  • each affected district would not have the ability to educate its students in an integrated environment and would promote ethnic discrimination or segregation;
  • the petition would not promote sound educational performance and would significantly disrupt the educational programs in the affected districts;
  • the petition would increase school facilities costs in a significant way;
  • the petition would not promote sound fiscal management and would create negative effects on the fiscal statuses of each district.

The petition is scheduled to be appealed before the California State Board of Education on July 13 and/or July 14, 2022. 


MDUSD values its ability to offer the best quality education to all its students in educational environments that center on inclusion and promote respect, collaboration and creativity.  To that end, the MDUSD Governing Board, with the support of District employees, students and the greater Mt. Diablo community, passed a resolution formally opposing the petition on appeal, finding that the outlook on the underlying data make each of the failed criteria even less viable.  


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