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California School Climate, Health, and Learning Survey

The Cal-Schls System is a comprehensive system of three interrelated surveys developed for and supported by the California Department of Education. 

  1. The CA Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) for elementary and secondary students
  2. The CA School Staff Survey (CSCS)
  3. The CA School Parent Survey (CSPS)

The Cal-Schls Survey System measures:

  • Student social-emotional health and competence
  • Positive interpersonal relationships among and between students, staff and parents
  • Opportunities for meaning participation, decision-making, and engagement
  • Student connectedness to school (belonging) and motivation
  • Student, teacher, and parental engagement
  • School supports for staff and parents
  • Parental involvement in school
  • Respect for diversity and equity
  • Academic mindset, expectations, and rigor
  • School safety (social-emotional and physical), violence and victimization (bullying)
  • Discipline and order: clarity of rules and expectations
  • Substance use, depression/suicide risk, and other mental and physical health risks
  • Physical environment and resources

The Cal-Schls Survey System fits with LCAP because it provides data for four of eight state priorities:  school climate, pupil engagement, parent involvement, and facilities.


We are administering the 2018 survey. Dates to be announced.


To see samples of the surveys please click on the links below:

Please go to your school website to access the California School Parent Survey online. 


2016-2017 School Year Data

California School Parent Survey data from 2016-17 can be seen by clicking here


2015-2016 School Year Data

California Healthy Kids Survey participants included a sampling of 5th graders from the following elementary schools:  Ayers, Cambridge, El Monte, Meadow Homes, Monte Gardens, Mountain View, Strandwood, Valhalla, Valley Verde, and Ygnacio Valley.  Click on the link to see the survey results. MDUSD Elementary Main Report 

California Healthy Kids Survey participants included a sampling of 7, 9, and 11 graders from all middle school, high schools, and alternative/continuation schools.  Click on the link to see the survey results. MDUSD Secondary Main Report

California School Staff Survey participants:  School staff from all schools except Eagle Peak Montessori.  Click on the link below to see the survey results. MDUSD School Staff Survey

California School Parent Survey participants: parents from elementary schools that were sampled and all secondary schools.  Click on the link to see the survey results. MDUSD School Parent Survey