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Roadmap to Reopen (2020-21)


Preliminary Reopening Plan and feedback survey

     MDUSD Community,

     We have a plan. More precisely, at this stage in our Roadmap to Reopen, we have published our Preliminary Reopening Plan for the 2020-21 school year. This is not our final plan, but it is a major milestone in our Roadmap to Reopen. We are thankful for the continuing work of our Task Force groups and for guidance from health authorities to make this possible. We are also thankful to the more than 13,000 individuals who participated in our initial family survey; your input was essential for our plan development. In continued partnership with you, we are asking that you set aside time to review and become familiar with our Preliminary Reopening Plan. 

     Next in our Roadmap to Reopen, we will be requesting your feedback again⁠—this time, regarding our Preliminary Reopening Plan. A Community Feedback Survey for this purpose is published below, and we will remind our community to complete the Community Feedback Survey by July 7th at 5:00PM. See below to review the complete Timeline for our Roadmap to Reopen, which details all major steps toward our end goals of publishing the Final Reopening Plan on July 30th and beginning school on August 13th with safety, equity, community, and quality instruction. 

     Change is the one thing that remains constant for all of us. Because our plans remain subject to revision based on the latest virus trends and developments, the need for a formal written plan is that much more easily recognized. Our confidence comes from knowing that it is together that we will plan for tomorrow, and together that will meet the challenges of today.

This is our Preliminary Reopening Plan: 

Preliminary Reopening Plan
(Full Version)

Preliminary Reopening Plan
(Summary Version)

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Community Feedback Survey
(regarding the Preliminary Reopening Plan)

Plan Preliminar - Español
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Plan Preliminar - Español
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     The 2020-21 school year will begin on August 13th, and we look forward to reopening, with safety, community, equity, and quality instruction at the forefront of our collective minds. This web page will be our communication and participation platform for staff, students, and our community to keep up-to-date on the progress we are making in our Roadmap to Reopen. You will find that our Roadmap to Reopen is a structured timeline that revolves around our three task force groups:

1) Health and Safety Task Force
2) School Operations Task Force
3) Technology, Teaching, and Learning Task Force

     The purpose of our Task Forces is to provide input to the Board of Education on multiple school reopening scenarios that comply with applicable public health orders. The Board of Education will have the final responsibility to decide how Mt. Diablo Unified Schools will reopen. Going forward, you can expect that we will continue with our Friday Letters, that we will regularly update our Roadmap to Reopen, and that we will utilize a variety of communication methods to keep you informed. On this site, you can quickly access Task Force presentation video recordings and presentation files on the side menu. Below, you will find participation information and our Roadmap to Reopen Timeline, which will include important dates and links to further information.


     We welcome and encourage your participation in our Roadmap to Reopen Task Forces! During the development phase of our task forces, we asked anyone interested to contact us to join our task forces, and we were very pleased with the result. Our task force rosters represent a wide variety of perspectives, with more than 180 task force participants overall, including staff, community members, and students. Still, our task forces need more student voices! Students may contact to express their interest in participation. Although the task force rosters have reached capacity for non-student participants, our task force leaders still welcome your thoughts and ideas—click here for the contact information for our Roadmap to Reopen Task Force leaders.


This timeline represents important dates and will be subject to change.
Our Task Forces will convene continuously throughout the timeline. 

June 11th virtual meetings commence & workgroup assignments
June 22nd Board Update (Presentation)
June 23rd Family Survey for Fall Reopening regarding educational options
June 30th Preliminary Reopening Plan shared with community  
July 1st Community feedback survey on Preliminary Reopening Plan  
July 13th Board Update (Presentation)  
July 27th Board Update (Presentation)  
July 30th Final Plan Published  
End July- August - Staff Training  
August 13th School Starts