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Special Education Program Managers

It is our goal to provide excellent service to school site and parent communities. 

Please telephone, e-mail, or voice-mail the appropriate person.  Phone calls will be returned with 24-48 hours.


Chief, Pupil Services and Special Education

Wendi Aghily, Ed.D. (925) 682-8000 *4047


Administrative Support Staff

Renee Rogers (925) 682-8000 *4048

Lindy Kramasz (925) 682-8000 *4066

Director, Special Education

Amy Sudrla   (925) 682-8000 *4187

Fax: (925) 687-3139

Wing D

Assistant Director, Special Education: Mental Health

Jessica Pozos   (925) 682-8000 *4054

Fax: (925) 680-7987

Administrator, Non-Public Schools

Bryan Cassin (925) 682-8000 *4189   

Senior Secretary:

Amy Lejano   (925) 682-8000 *4059

Special Education Student Information Systems Specialists:

 Jane Frantz (925) 682-8000 *4057

Assistant Director, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ivanna Huthman, (925) 682-8000 *4192

Local Mediation

California Department of Education (CDE) Compliance

Due Process Filings

Fax: 674-0667

Room 24


Senior Secretary:

Yvonne Benitez  (925) 682-8000 *4109

Behavior Management Specialists

Anne Byrne

Ext. 85403

Jenny Carvalho

(925) 890-1116

Karen Miller

Ext. 4178

Kimberlee Romick-Jenks

Ext. 4216

Yesenia Luchega

(650) 218-5138

Parent Liaison Melody Royal

(925) 682-8000 *4297

Wing D


Parent Liasion

Community Advisoty Committee Liasion

Resource Parent Program

Surrogate Parent Designation Program

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Celebration of Success

You Make A Difference Awards

Special Education Program Specialists

Program Specialist’s Duties:

  • Training on Special Ed Issues, IEP Process, and Compliance
  • Liasion between the Sites and District
  • Analyze Data and Support Sites in Problem Solving Compliance Issues
  • Attend IEPs involving Conflict, Complaints, and Litigation

Please click here for a current list of program specialists for each  site